Who we are

A collaboration of senior leaders from industry, academia, military and government service; delivering a new take on strategic resilience, public policy and security needs.

Our People

NISRs founding team includes competencies from military leadership, cyber and information law, National risk and resilience, indigenous sovereignty, and internet governance.

Our People

Strategic Resilience

A capability to maintain balance and functionality in the face of disturbance while seeking to adapt to current conditions and anticipate future needs for comparative advantage and betterment.

What is Resilience



Our nation’s diversity fully embraced within strategic resilience planning; To build upon our democratic strengths and protect our prosperity and sovereignty for Australia’s future generations.


A non-partisan, not-for-profit entity providing inclusive, respectful, informed and authoritative contribution to public debate. We contribute to advanced thinking on topics of strategic resilience and security through diverse social optics capturing the opportunities and threats for Australia, the Indo-Pacific and the world.


The turbulence of our geostrategic environment calls for agile and adaptive approaches to national security planning. Enhancing Australia’s strategic resilience is critical to securing our future prosperity and maintaining our stable democratic foundation. National resilience will benefit from analysis through the diverse perspectives presented by our nation’s rich fabric.

The Threat

Defence and security policy should not be crafted in a social vacuum. Failure to account for the opportunities and potential for disturbances manifesting in our social fabric creates vulnerabilities; ranging from failure to nurture our youth towards positive and productive lives, our national unity and sovereignty being undermined through foreign influence operations, and our future prosperity being compromised. National resilience must include diverse perspectives and approaches.